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The Multiplex Group has been at the forefront of the agricultural sector since its inception in 1974. As industry leaders, we specialize in manufacturing and distribution of a comprehensive range of agricultural inputs. Our portfolio encompasses fertilizers, pesticides, nutrients (both major and minor), organic manure, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and bio-stimulants. The reach of Multiplex products extend to more than 17 countries, including Japan, Korea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, and various Arab nations.

Dedicated to the pursuit of the highest quality in agricultural yields, our devoted team of scientists leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative crop nutrition and plant protection solutions at our facility. To know more about our advanced Research-and-Development facilities, click here.

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Group of Companies

Karnataka Agro Chemicals
Multiplex Fertlizer's Pvt. Ltd
Multiplex Agricare Pvt. Ltd
Multiplex Movers
Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd
Anshul Agro Chemicals
Multiplex Urban Green India Pvt. Ltd
Multiplex Farming
GPS Institute of Agricultural Management
Multiplex Safe & Farm Fresh
Agriplex Private Limited
Multiplex Drone Pvt. Ltd
Multiplex Forest Factree
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Farmers First Choice
Since 1974

Multiplex is the leading household brand name for farmers across pan India. We manufacture and export Micro Nutrients, Organic Manure, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Activators, Bio-Pesticides & Pesticides

With over 49 years of experience in the field of agronomics, we are the pioneers in green farming and providing complete solutions for agriculture and horticulture to increase yield by quantity & quality.

We are India's leading manufacturer and exporter of agriculture inputs and provide exceptional solutions for crop nutrition and plant protection.






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We are fast approaching the milestone of

Golden Jubilee

Our 50 Years Journey

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We initially established our presence in the agricultural sector under the name "Karnataka Agro Chemicals," where we introduced our brand "Multiplex."

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Over time, our company has evolved, expanding into various regions continuing to build on our agricultural roots. Multiplex brand was registered in other states and Andhra Pradesh was the first to market our products.

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Multiplex Products extended its operation in Tamil Nadu. This geographical expansion enables the company to tap new markets in the southern region enhancing its presence in one of India's key states.

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Understanding the need in the market, we focused on research, exclusive formulation, mass production, and marketing of pesticides. Different varieties of seeds were introduced to the market under the Multiplex Brand.

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As Multiplex reaches its silver jubilee milestone, it reflects on a quarter-century of dedicated service to the farming community. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to support and uplift the agricultural sector.

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We established a dedicated manufacturing facility for Zinc Sulphate in Peenya, Bangalore, alongside a specialized production unit for organic manure, Biofertilizers, Bio activators, and Biopesticides.

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Multiplex achieved a significant milestone by earning a prestigious organic certification from IMO, a reputable certification body in Switzerland. This certification encompasses and validates the entire production process of the company's Bioproducts.

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Karnataka Agro Chemicals, Multiplex Biotech Pvt Ltd, and Multiplex Agricare Pvt Ltd obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for their manufacturing facilities. This year, we introduced our biofertilizers and biopesticides in liquid form, expanding our product range.

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Multiplex Biotech Pvt Ltd was acknowledged by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for its pioneering work in advancing Agri-Biotechnology production methods.

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We collaborated with a prestigious organization to open a new venture in the field of mechanized paddy sowing and transplantation. The outcome of this project gave farmers substantial growth in paddy cultivation based on improved yield both in quality and quantity.

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In response to the urban organic farming trend, Multiplex Urban Green (MUG) introduced Krushi Garden kits for home vegetable cultivation on terraces, balconies, and backyards. These kits include all essential agriculture components and services.

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The Multiplex Group introduced Multiplex Farming, a collaborative agricultural initiative that transforms barren and semi-cultivated land. It also includes scientific analysis to manage soil and crops comprehensively and farm management.

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GPS Institute of Agricultural Management was established under the guidance and initiative of Dr. G. P. Shetty's Agri Research and Educational Trust. This prestigious institute offers courses in Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Management and Diploma in Agricultural Management (GPSIOAM).

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In response to rising demand, Multiplex inaugurated a dedicated manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad. This facility produces Micronutrients, Specialized fertilizers, Soil conditioners, and Biofertilizers to cater to Northern India's agricultural needs.

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Multiplex Drone Pvt Ltd was founded with the primary mission of offering cutting-edge drone technology tailored for agricultural applications. The company specializes in providing services such as aerial crop health monitoring and precision spraying using drones.

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Multiplex Biotech Pvt Ltd, in Tumkur is a state-of-the-art pharma-grade manufacturing unit with a daily production capacity of 50,000 liters per day. This facility is dedicated to producing high-quality biotech products, underlining the company's commitment to advanced and efficient manufacturing.

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The inauguration marked the establishment of a dedicated Research and Development laboratory in Peenya, Bangalore, demonstrating a significant investment in innovative research and technology. This facility will play a pivotal role in fostering scientific breakthroughs and product development.

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The inauguration signifies the commencement of in-house production of cocopeat and coir pith products at Hiriyur by Devi Biotech Pvt Ltd, showcasing the company's commitment to self-sufficiency and product quality control in the cocopeat and coir pith sector.

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