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Karnataka Agro Chemicals

Pioneering Quality Agriculture Solutions

Our primary mission is to deliver exceptional products that adhere to the nutrient grades and specifications prescribed by local authorities. We provide the farming community with high-quality agricultural inputs that enhance crop nutrition and plant protection.

Multiplex Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.

Commitment to Quality Seeds for Sustainable Agriculture

Seeds are the fundamental cornerstone of agriculture, serving as both input and output in the farming process. The agricultural sector's success is deeply intertwined with the availability of high-quality seeds, as they profoundly influence crop production. The quality of seeds not only dictates the performance of other inputs but also significantly contributes to overall crop productivity. Many farmers continue to rely on their own seeds, often unaware that using seeds from consecutive generations can lead to reduced viability, vigor, altered genetic traits, and heightened susceptibility to pests and diseases, ultimately resulting in diminished crop yields.

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Multiplex Agricare Pvt. Ltd.

Plant Protection Solutions

Established in 1997, Multiplex Agricare Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering force in the pesticide manufacturing industry. Nestled in the heart of the industrial estate in Tumkur, our cutting-edge facility spans a generous 2.5 acres, dedicated exclusively to the production of pesticides in liquid and powder formulations.

Group of companies
Group of companies

Multiplex Movers

Reliable Logistic solutions for Multiplex

In-house wing, under the banner of Multiplex Movers, offers streamlined logistics solutions tailored to our business needs. Our dedication to simplifying logistics allows us to focus on PAN India operations while we handle the complexities. With our experience, reliability we ensure our products reach timely.

Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Leading the Way in Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability

Multiplex Group has been at the forefront of addressing the evolving needs of agriculture and allied sectors through innovative products and services. With over two decades of field experience, we embarked on a journey in the year 2000 to establish state-of-the-art bio-tech units.

Group of companies
Group of companies

Anshul Agro Chemicals

Empowering Agriculture, Nurturing Growth

Anshul Agro Chemicals (AAC), founded in 2005, is a dynamic player in the agricultural sector. Based in Bengaluru, we offer a comprehensive range of agri-input solutions for a variety of crops. As a proud member of the Multiplex Group of Companies, with over 40 years of rich agricultural experience, we place farmers and their success at the heart of our mission. With operations spanning across India, our commitment to meeting the unique needs of farming communities remains unwavering. At AAC, we empower agriculture and nurture growth for a sustainable future.

Multiplex Urban Green India Pvt. Ltd.

Cultivating Green Spaces in Urban Living

Multiplex Urban Green is a pioneering initiative by the Multiplex Group, aimed at guiding urbanites in creating their vegetable, flower, and medicinal plant gardens within the confines of their homes, whether it's on their balconies, terraces, or backyards. We provide a comprehensive and scientific approach to crop management, ensuring a rewarding gardening experience from seed to harvest.

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Group of companies

Multiplex Farming

Collaborative Agriculture: Transforming Barren Lands into Productive Green Fields

Multiplex proudly presents "Collaborative Agriculture" for passionate agriculturists. Our mission is to partner in the development and transformation of barren and semi-cultivated land into thriving, green, and productive agricultural landscapes.

GPS Institute of Agricultural Management

Nurturing Agricultural Experts and Entrepreneurs

Rural India is grappling with a significant challenge as its youth flock to urban areas in pursuit of menial jobs, leaving vast agricultural lands abandoned and elderly parents struggling. This migration has led to a shortage of skilled labor in agriculture and a dearth of able-bodied youth to work in the fields. To address this pressing issue, farmers in rural India are turning to technological innovations, and Multiplex is at the forefront of this transformation.

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Group of companies

Multiplex Safe & Farm Fresh

Nature’s Bounty at your Doorstep

Established in 2016 and nestled in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, Multiplex Safe & Farm Fresh is on a mission to bridge the growing gap between urbanites and chemical-free, wholesome produce. As urban life gets busier, the desire for healthy, untainted fruits and vegetables has never been more significant. We've embraced this need and are dedicated to bringing the freshness of the organic farm right to your doorstep.

Agriplex Private Limited

Delivering Agri Solutions at Farmer’s Doorstep

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Agriplex Private Limited is an innovative e-commerce platform with a clear vision: "To be a nationwide enabler for delivering quality Farming Inputs and agriculture Best Practices Services to Farmers at their doorstep while promoting a sustainable farming future."

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Group of companies

Multiplex Drone Pvt. Ltd.

Elevating Agriculture Through Innovative Drone Solutions

Multiplex Drone Pvt. Ltd., incorporated on July 17, 2019, has emerged as a leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of agricultural drones. As a DGCA approved RPTO (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Training Organization), we are committed to leveraging drone technology to revolutionize aerial crop spraying for the farming community. Our roots trace back to the esteemed Multiplex Group of Companies, with a rich legacy in agriculture spanning five decades.

Multiplex Forest Factree

Advancing Quality Planting Material and Sustainable Agroforestry

Our primary objective is to produce uniform, healthy, and disease-free planting materials through seeds or vegetative methods. These materials play a crucial role in enhancing productivity for various stakeholders.

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