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At Multiplex, our dedication to fostering sustainable agriculture has led to the establishment of a cutting-edge Research and Development Unit. Officially inaugurated on June 22, 2023, in Peenya, Bangalore, this facility is designed to address the growing concerns of modern agriculture. We define our R&D activities as an important means for achieving the future growth of Bio-Agri by developing relevant products in the market. Our primary objectives to design and develop some technology/product to address the issues, which includes:

  • Strengthening bio-intensive agriculture to minimize chemical utilization.
  • Improving crop tolerance towards changing climate.
  • Minimizing post-harvest losses.
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Project Image


Our state-of-the-art R&D unit is equipped with advanced facilities and laboratories, ensuring comprehensive and innovative research capabilities towards eco-friendly technology for sustainable agriculture. These facilities include:

  • Microbiology Lab: Conducting in-depth basic and applied research to explore the potential of microbial world in agriculture. biological aspects.
  • Entomology Lab: Focusing on the importance of insect related issues in crop production and managing them by developing environment friendly technology.
  • Biochemistry Lab: Exploring the potential of safer chemical molecules for agriculture.
  • Instrumentation Lab: Utilized for advanced innovative research.
  • Formulation Lab: Developing innovative agricultural formulations.
  • Chemical Synthesis Lab: Exploring the potential of synthetic chemistry in designing and developing safer chemical alternatives and integrating them with biomolecules.
  • Analytical Lab: Providing precise analytical capabilities to deliver quality product.
  • Quality Control Lab: Ensuring the highest product standards.

Key Achievements

Since the initiation of R&D activities in 2000 with the establishment of "Multiplex Bio-tech Private Limited" in Bangalore, we have achieved significant milestones. Our key achievements include:

  • Development of commercially viable bio-based products, dominating both Indian and overseas markets.
  • Ongoing efforts in climate-smart agriculture research to ensure food safety and security.
  • Numerous conceptual projects in progress, with several poised for commercial status.
  • Rigorous field trials conducted in diverse agro-climatic conditions to validate product efficacy.

Future Goals

Our commitment to research and development remains unwavering. We aim to:

  • Continue our R&D efforts to introduce more and more innovative products.
  • Lead the way in sustainable agriculture and contribute to addressing the evolving challenges of the agricultural sector.

At Multiplex, we are dedicated to pioneering advancements that enhance the sustainability and productivity of agriculture while ensuring food safety and security for the future.