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Multiplex Vaahini: Cultivating Agriculture Wisdom

Multiplex Group proudly presents Multiplex Vaahini, a bi-monthly magazine in the Kannada language, dedicated to enriching farmers' knowledge in the fields of Agriculture and Horticulture. Crafted by a team of seasoned experts in the realm of Agriculture and Horticulture, this publication covers a diverse range of topics. From Soil Management and Water Management to Crop Management, Pest Management, and Harvest and Post-Harvest Management, we delve into a plethora of subjects aimed at empowering our farming community.

Multiplex Vaahini wholeheartedly advocates for a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture, aspiring to elevate the prosperity of our dedicated farmers. Each issue features insightful messages from our esteemed founder and visionary leader, Dr. G.P. Shetty.

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Benefits of Multiplex Vaahini Magazine

This bi-monthly agricultural magazine is a testament to Multiplex Group's commitment to extending our reach through meaningful initiatives. Vaahini serves as a beacon of scientific knowledge, offering valuable insights into sustainable farming practices, crop-specific guidelines, and well-researched articles. Farmers across the region rely on our technical journals to adopt cutting-edge crop management techniques.

Multiplex Vaahini is your gateway to a wealth of scientific insights into sustainable farming. It's designed to provide unwavering support to farmers throughout the crop cycle, helping them effectively manage pests, diseases, and nutrients to enhance both the quality and quantity of their yields.

Furthermore, our magazine dedicates a special section to share updates from the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka. This invaluable resource keeps you abreast of policy changes and the latest trends in agricultural technology, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the farming industry.