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Our Team - A Dynamic Team Driving Agricultural Excellence

At Multiplex Group of Companies, our success is driven by an exceptional and passionate team that spans various disciplines and roles. Our roster includes highly dedicated Doctorates and Scientists who bring cutting-edge research and innovation to our agricultural practices. They collaborate seamlessly with our skilled agriculturists and horticulturists to pioneer sustainable farming techniques. Behind the scenes, our Accounts staff and HR team ensure the efficient management of finances and human resources.

Our Operations staff, Logistic enablers, Sales & Marketing professionals, Designers, Video editors, PR team, Legal and Administration teamwork in harmony to streamline our processes and deliver top-quality products to our customers. Our dynamic Managers and Supervisors provide leadership and guidance to our Production Assistants, while our housekeeping staff maintains a clean and safe environment. Our committed Delivery boys, Drivers, and Office assistants play crucial roles in ensuring seamless operations. Together, this diverse and passionate team at Multiplex Group embodies our mission of advancing agriculture and improving lives through dedication, expertise, and innovation.

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