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  • Used for monitoring and mass trapping of the Pink Bollworm population.


Active Ingredients

  • Z, Z-7, 11-Hexadecadienyl acetate and others


  • Major - Cotton, minor – okra, etc.

Target Pests

  • Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), is one of the most serious pests of cotton which damages the seeds and fiber thereby causing huge economic losses.
  • The total damage may reach 20-50% of the yield.

Damage Symptoms  

  • Excreta observed at the point of boreholes by larval feeding, failure of buds to open, flower infestation – formation of rosette flower, an infestation of flower buds - premature drop, reduction of lint development and burrowed seed

Dosage & Methods of Application

  • Tie 12 traps for an acre & method, the trap should be erected to the bamboo stick firmly 1-2 feet above the ground.
  • The trap height needs to be changed to the canopy level as the plant grows.

Time of Erection

  • One week before flowering and continued upto harvest

Available Package

  •  (1 X 6) X 8

Pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella) is a pest found in cotton cultivation