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  • Useful for monitoring sucking pests like thrips, aphids, white flies, leaf hoppers, tea mosquito bugs, etc.

Special Features

  • Easy to handle, best component for both organic farming and conventional farming, ideal for early detection and intervention of target pests, non-poisonous and non-drying glue used - suitable for all weather conditions, highly attractive to target pests.


Active Ingredients

  • Non-drying glue-based sticky trap


  • All horticultural crops, most agricultural crops, plantation crops, etc.

Target Pests  

  • Sucking pests like Thrips, Aphids, Whiteflies, Leaf hoppers, Tea mosquito bugs, etc.,

Damage Symptoms  

  • The damage causes the leaf color of plants to dull, turn yellow or gray, deformed and stunted growth and eventually brown.

Dosage & Methods of Application

  • Tie 40 traps for an acre

Available Package

  •  (1 X 20) X 20  / ( 1 X 20 ) X 10