• black-beauty-water-melon


    Water Melon-Black BeautyF1-Hybrid
    Plant Type Very Compact, Crispy dark red sweet flesh, less seed content, Tolerant to bud necrosis and fusarium wilt, Excellent keeping quality
    Duration 90-100 days
    Fruit Shape Round
    Fruit Weight 6 – 8 kg
    Fruit Color Black

  • coolers-cucumber


    Cucumber-Hybrid Coolers- F1-Hybrid
    Plant Type Light Green with white stripped, tender medium long fruits,
    Excellent keeping type, Crispy tasty fruits, High tolerant to DM and PM diseases
    Avg. fruit length (cm) 18-20
    Avg. fruit wt (g) 100-120

  • dwarf-moringa-drumstick



    Plant Type Propagated through seeds
    Plant grows height up to 4- 6 m.
    Produce pods twice in year.
    It has good fruiting, and wider adaptability
    Flowering 90-100 DAP
    Harvesting 160-170 DAP, 200-350 fruits/ plant
    Fruit Weight 160 g
    Fruit Length 65-70 cm & 6.3 diameter


  • gaurie-cluster-beans


    Cluster Beans-Gaurie
    Plant Type Erect and single stem and meter tall,
    Grown in both summer and rainy seasons
    Avg. Pod length (cm) 10-12 cm
    Harvesting 40 Days

  • kahi-bitter-gourd


    Bitter Gourd-KAHI F1-Hybrid
    Plant Type Short, Tolerant to Powdery Mildew and Downy Mildew
    Fruit Length 8-10 cm (Avg)
    Fruit Weight 50-60 g
    Fruit Color Dark green with sharp prickles

  • nutan-222-chilli



    Chilly NUTAN 222 F1-Hybrid
    Plant Type Erect Plant Type,Profuse Branching Habitat,
    Short very compact pungent,
    Cluster Bearing Ability
    Highly tolerant to PM and Leaf Curl Disease
    Plant Height 90-100 cm
    Fruit Length 6-8 cm
    Fruit Color Medium Green


  • sumangala-bhendi


    Plant Type : Tolerant to Powdery mildew disease. Highly tolerant to yellow vein mosaic virus disease.

    It has 2-3 side branches and gives soft marketable fruits. It has good fruiting, which starts from bottom & has short inter-nodes. Long Shelf Life and Wider Adaptability.

  • supriyaa-tomato


    Tomato Supriyaa- F1-Hybrid
    Plant Type Determinate, 90 to 100 cm height
    Fruit Shape Round
    Fruit Weight 80-90 g first Pickings
    40-50 g last Pickings
    Fruit Color Orange Red
    Fruit Firm
    Harvesting 60-65 DAT
    Duration 110-120 days

  • tezz-chilli


    Plant Type Erect Plant Type, Medium pungent, Green purpose
    Suitable for long distance transportation.
    1st Harvesting 65 to 70 days after transplanting
    Plant Height 04-05 feet
    Fruit Length 6-8 cm
    Fruit Color Medium Green
    PACKING (10gmX10) x 10 x4 = 4 kg per case

  • white-flow-cauliflower


    Plant Type Extremely good and wider adaptability
    Duration Harvesting start from 65-70 days from planting
    Avg. Curd Weight 1 to 1.5 kg

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