Chelated Secondary nutrient

  • chlorocol


    • This contains Calcium and Chloride in completely water-soluble form
    • It is used to rectify Calcium deficiency in plants
    • Calcium helps to improve the shelf life of harvested fruits
    • It helps to resist fungal & bacterial infections
  • lll

    Liquid Sulphur

    • This contains 20% Sulphur as plant nutrient
    • It rectifies Sulphur deficiency
    • When applied as foliar spray in cold weather it helps plants to overcome frost & low temperature stress
    • This acts as good acaricide and an effective fungicide against plant mildew diseases
  • motimg

    Moti Mg

    • This contains magnesium in chelated form (Mg 6%) which is easily available to the plants
    • This is in powder form & is completely soluble in water
    • It supplies magnesium and corrects deficiency symptoms in the crop
  • multimag

    Multi Mag

    • This is in crystalline form and contains Magnesium (9.6%) which is 100 % water soluble
    • This helps in more synthesis of chlorophyll which in turn increases the food production in plants
    • It can also be used to rectify magnesium deficiency
  • clacium-nitrate

    Multiplex Calcium Nitrate

    • This is available in uniform granules and contains calcium (18.8 %) and nitrogen (15.5%) in 100% water soluble form
  • festisulph

    Multiplex Fertisulph -G

    • This contains Sulphur 90% and Bentonite 10 % in granulated form
    • This increases chlorophyll content in all crops and oil content in oil seed crops
  • magnesiumsulphate

    Multiplex Magnesium Sulphate

    • This is in crystalline form and contains Magnesium (9.6%) which is 100 % water soluble.
    • This helps in synthesis of chlorophyll, rectifies deficiency symptoms and increases yield.
  • samruddi-pluseSamruddhi

    Multiplex SAMRUDDHI Multiplex SAMRUDDHI Plus/Multiplex SAMRUDDHI GOLD

    • This contains secondary nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur in larger amounts and micronutrients like Zinc, Copper, Iron, Boron, Manganese and Molybdenum in traces.
    • It rectifies soil pH and improves soil structure.
    • Magnesium increases the rate of photosynthetic activity and sulphur reduces salinity of the soil
    • This can be used in all field crops, fruits, vegetables, and plantation crops etc,
  • nitrocal


    Multiplex Nitrocal contains calcium (18.8 %) and nitrogen (15.5 %)  in 100 % water soluble form. This product is available in uniform granules. Multiplex Nitrocal not only supply nitrogen and calcium simultaneously and also corrects the deficiency of both.

  • pustica

    Pusti Ca

    • This contains calcium (Ca10%) in chelated form and is easily available to plants.
    • It is in powder form & is completely soluble in water.
    • It corrects Calcium deficiency in crops.

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