Multiplex Group of Companies



Karnataka Agro Chemicals (KAC) is the flagship Company of the Group established in the year 1974. The Company has 3 Nos. of Manufacturing Units situated at Nagarbhavi, Tumkur, Ghaziabad.

KAC has modern technology to manufacture Micronutrient, Major Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Plant Bio Activators, Adjuvants etc., in Liquid, Granular and Powder form of various grades and products to the specifications.



Multiplex Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd., (MFPL) was solely established in 1992 to strengthen the marketing network of the Parent Company KAC and manufacture and market few products such as Vegetable Seeds, Major Fertilizers like Krishay 17:17:17, Krishay 14:6:21 etc.,



Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt.Ltd., (MBT) is registered during the year 2000 with a sole objective of research and development on Bio Technology with reference to Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides. There are 2 well established Units of the Company, one at Peenya and another at Tumkur. Few of the products such as, Aadhar(Azospirillum), Azab (Azotobacter), Sunrise ( Rhizobium), Durga (Phosphate solubilizers), Shakti (Potash Mobilising Bacteria), Nalpak (Bio NPK), Trishul ( VAM), Sagar( Polyculture) under Bio Fertilizers, Nisarga (Trichoderma viride) & Sparsha (Pseudomonasfluorescence) under Bio Fungicides, Baba (Beauveria bassiana), Varsha (Verticillium lecani), Niyantran (Paecilomyces lilacinus) Shock , Mycomite (Paecilomyces fumosoroseus), Safe Root, Checkmite, Metarhizium, Helimar (NPV), Spodomar (NPV), Soldier (EPN), Bouncer (EPN), Minchu, Bacillus thuringiensis, Multineem, Multinemor under Bio Pesticides/Bio Insecticides are a run away success in the market place. Though popularity of Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides is in a nascent stage, however, looking in to the achievement made as of now, the Company is confident that there is going to be huge demand not only in India, but, even for exports of the product manufactured by the Company.

In view of the foregoing, all efforts are being made to increase the capacity to manufacture large quantity in these 2 Units.

In addition to the above, we also manufacture Organic Manure under the brand name ‘ANNAPURNA’ in 4 of our Manufacturing Units situated at Karekalpalya, Nelamangala Taluk, Sira, Tumkur District, Khurda, Orissa and Tumkur. The brand name ‘ANNAPURNA’ Organic Manure is a sought after product across length and breadth of marketing territory of Multiplex Group. In fact, as of now, we are not able to meet the demand. Therefore, all efforts are being made to explore the possibilities of manufacturing additional quantities in other strategic locations to ensure availability as per demand.

Facilities at Production Unit

  • Raw Material Storage
  • Media Preperation and Autoclave (sterilization)
  • Inoculation Chamber
  • Shaker/sub Culturing Unit
  • Fermentors
  • Blending And Mixing Unit
  • Quality control Lab And Green House
  • Packing Section
  • Storage (control Temp.) for Finished Goods



Multiplex Agricare Pvt.Ltd., (MAPL) is another important subsidiary of Multiplex Group of Companies where we manufacture Zinc Sulphate in our Plant situated at Peenya. In addition to Multiplex Agricare Pvt.Ltd., situated at Tumkur manufacturing several Pesticides – Insecticides and Fungicides.

Some of the important products manufactured in the above Unit are Chlorpyriphos 20% EC (Nagpyriphos), Monocrotophos 36% SL (Nagphos), Carbendazim + Mancozeb (Jodi), Fenvelerate 0.4% DP (Nagend-D), Cartap Hydrochoride 4% DP (Nagtap), Multinol G, Chloro Dust etc.,.



Mystique Apparels India Pvt.Ltd., is a readymade woven and knitted industry established in the year 1996. This has a capacity to produce 35,000 Nos. Shirts per month.


Multiplex Urban Green (INDIA) PVT. LTD.

Dr.G.P.Shetty, a Visionary who started KAC also formed Multiplex Group to house Subsidiaries manufacturing Bio Products, Pesticides, Apparels etc., under the Flagship Company. He being a Scientist himself, always felt that the Urban Indians who were denied healthy food such as cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables, due to indiscriminate use of crop nutrients as well as crop protection chemicals, therefore it was his dream to ensure healthy products to urban community. Hence, the birth of Multiplex Urban Green India Pvt. Ltd., which popularizes the concept of growing healthy food under Kitchen gardening. They have dedicated field force to advise the interested Urban households to undertake scientific cultivation of vegetables in their kitchen garden.


GPS Institute of Agricultural Management

GPS Institute of Agricultural Management (An Initiative of Dr.GP Shetty Agri Research and Educational Trust) is established in the year 2016 with a sole objective of providing short duration Diploma courses to educated rural boys and girls who would become Entrepreneurs across agri sector. The Institute offers 2 Diploma courses – Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Management and another one Diploma in Agricultural Management. The Institute offers full time residential programme covering theory as well as practical course with emphasis on ‘Do it yourself’ concept to ensure that the students get adequate knowledge on Soil Fertility Management, Plant Nutrition, Plant Health Care, Crop Production, and Post-Harvest Management. Some of the leading industries have already approached for On-Campus selection.

The GPS institute Edge

The institute is equipped with state of art infrastructure comprising laboratories, smart class rooms, hostel rooms, computer lab with high speed internet, seminar hall and auditorium. In addition, the institute has well developed research farms for “on farm” training in agricultural management towards enhancing hands-on skills. As a vibrant Agri. Management School, the training module is based on innovative teaching methods, exposure to farm and industry, best practices that provide a real experience learning. The PG Diploma in Agriculture Management focuses not only on hard skills but also on soft skills in the curriculum that enables students to perform par excellence in seeking employment.

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