Biography of Dr. G.P. Shetty

Dr. G P Shetty (popularly known as Dr GPS among his friends and relatives) born in an agrarian family of Udupi district, Karnataka state in the year 1940, completed his schooling in his native place and then moved to Willingdon College, Sangli for his graduation and later attended post-graduation and doctoral programme in “Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrition” at Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

During 70’s when the country embarked upon “Green Revolution”, Dr.GPS being from a farming family and having done doctoral programme in plant nutrition anticipated the ill effects of use of large quantities of major nutrients, instead of balanced application of all the required crop nutrients. Over a period, as visualized by Dr.GPS, imbalanced application of major nutrients resulted in poor crop response ratio, resulting in stagnation in food production. His entrepreneurial zeal combined with knowledge of crop nutrition saw an opportunity to work with farmers to popularise application of secondary and micro nutrients for increase in yield as well as quality of the produce.

He took the opportunity as a challenge and in 1974, under the Self Employment Scheme of Government of Karnataka, just with an initial capital of Rs. 20,000/-, he started M/S. Karnataka Agro Chemicals (KAC) to manufacture and market micronutrients. Initially this was a one-man army of Dr GPS travelling across the length and breadth of Karnataka to popularise the concept of integrated nutrient management among the farming community. The encouragement and response he received from farming community, research institutes and the Government, encouraged him to spread his operations from one state to other states across the length and breadth of the country. Dr.GPS and KAC became a household names among the farming community and soon the one-man army of Dr.GPS became a regiment of dedicated workers, spreading holistic concept of integrated crop nutrition and crop protection across the country.

The idea of path to progress embarked upon by Dr.GPS in spreading the message of scientific cultivation of crops through soil health management, crop nutrition and crop protection made even the State Governments and various research bodies to initiate action on integrated crop nutrition and crop protection management. Rightly the “Food Security Mission and the National Horticulture Mission” have included soil amendments, micronutrients and Bio-Fertilizers and pesticides in their package of practices, other than NPK fertilizers. Indeed, Dr.GPS is the pioneer in spreading the message of integrated crop nutrition and crop protection in the country.

Further, to popularize the importance of use of crop nutrients based on soil test, Dr.GPS established a full-fledged state of art laboratory to analyze soil, leaf, and water with a sole objective of helping needy farmers. Based on the thousands of soil samples received from various parts of the country, after testing them, he realized the sad state of Indian soils due to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, resulted in total deterioration of soil health due to absence of microorganisms and low carbon content. This forced him to think of doing increasingly more research on Bio products, hence the birth of Multiplex Bio Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Dr.GPS through his extensive research in crop nutrition both in chemical and bio-products, attracted the attention of several premier institutes such as ICRISAT, Hyderabad, IHRI, New Delhi, UPASI, Coonoor, UAS, Dharawad to carry out research under Public Private Partnership on crop nutrition. The Government of UAE also invited Dr.GPS to provide them with the technique of Isolation and Mass Production of Bio-Agents. Djibouti, a small country in Africa, where the crop production is a rare activity, in their quest for ensuring food security of the country, the Government of Djibouti has selected and appointed Multiplex Group headed by Dr.GPS, as their consultants and managers for their Agricultural Activities.

Recognizing his immense contribution to sustainable development of agriculture, the Government of Karnataka bestowed upon him with Rajyotsava Award for Agriculture- 2008.In addition, he is also the recipient of many awards conferred upon him by several organizations.

Dr. G P Shetty, Receiving "Rajyothsava Award" from Sri. B. S. Yeddyurappa,
Hon. Chief minister, Govt .of Karnataka.

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